My Only Desire

A Guns & Garters Western Romance

A lusty, spirited tale of the Wild West, featuring a beautiful bounty hunter on the trail of a smooth-as-silk scoundrel who always gets his woman…

My Only Desire by Andrea ParnellAfter tragedy blew Sunny Harlowe’s world apart, she left her old life behind, strapped on a six-shooter and went to work for the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Now she was the most notorious bounty hunter in California–a gun-toting, flashing-eyed beauty who could out-shoot and out-ride any man…even a seductive silken-tongued rogue like Price Ramsey. Never mind that he was the handsomest devil this side of the Rockies–Sunny had been hired to bring him in…dead or alive!

Rugged, rough-and-ready Price Ramsey had always had his way with the fairer sex…until he was hauled in by Sunny Harlowe. She was a handful, all right, but nothing he couldn’t handle. As her prisoner on a wild and rollicking run across the west, Price lived for only two things: his freedom, and Sunny hot and eager in his bed. What he got was a woman of stormy, sizzling desires–and a love that was bigger than both of them…

My Only Desire has it all–action, adventure, and a wonderful love story!”

–Anita Mills

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