Aurelia: A Sea Swept Romance

Aurelia by Andrea ParnellAurelia sets sail … Trove Books has just released the ebook of my swashbuckling historical romance Aurelia, now available at your favorite online bookstores.

I hope you will enjoy Aurelia. It’s a Caribbean adventure in the age of tall ships and bold, handsome heroes – just the thing for the cold winter nights ahead.

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A Preview of Aurelia: Ria meets Chane Bellamy

Aurelia by Andrea ParnellMy next historical romance is Aurelia, the story of Ria Kingsley, an outcast in Savannah society shortly after the American Revolution who seeks to claim her pirate grandfather’s hidden fortune. Her dangerous journey brings passion and danger…much of it in the form of the handsome, hot-tempered sea captain Chane Bellamy with whom Ria makes a desperate bargain to secure his help in her quest.

Here is an excerpt from Aurelia, revealing Ria and Chane’s first meeting…


From trembling lips that indicated hurt feelings, Celeste raised a weak protest when Ria changed direction. “Where are you going, Ria? Not to the docks. You know the place scares me nigh as much as Grandfather Dag.”

“It is necessary, Celeste,” Ria said gently. “I want to take a look at the Aurelia.” Her father’s ship, hers since his death, sat at its moorings on the Savannah River. Hyatt Landis, her father’s solicitor, had taken charge of it. The ship was prey for vandals, and Hyatt, who had newer ships of his own now, had lately been demanding she sell the Aurelia.

Ria sighed wistfully. She’d refused until the choice was close to being made for her. The charges for keeping the Aurelia moored were mounting, besides which, she owed Hyatt for the repairs he had commissioned. She did not expect him to wait much longer for payment of her bill. The scoundrel! How she would like to show Hyatt for the blackguard he was. Convulsively, her hand squeezed around the lump Grandfather Dag’s coins made in her reticule.

Hope rose and fell inside her. A bag of pennies likely. Copper dreams.

“Look! There’s Hyatt,” Celeste announced none too happily. She didn’t care for Hyatt. He reminded her of a bird, an image made apt by the beaklike crook of his nose.

Ria saw him near the Aurelia’s longboat, flanked by two other men. One was tall, lean and black-haired, and by his stance and expression the dominant one of the unknown pair. He also stood in stark contrast to Landis, a head taller than the solicitor, lean and long where the other was thick-bodied and short of limb. His companion was fair-haired, not a man to turn a lady’s head, but attractive in an unobtrusive way.

But it was the black-haired man who held her eye, his leanness giving way to a look of sleek power, his glistening hair blue-black beneath the sun, the strong line of his jaw a backdrop for a softly curved and sensuous mouth. His shoulders were broad enough to carry a gilded suit of armor, Ria mused.

The wind caught the black-haired man’s words and carried them along the wharf before any of the party was aware the girls approached.

“She’s a fine vessel, sound and fast by the look of her hull,” he said. “A runner.”

“And the only ship in the harbor for sale,” Hyatt Landis pointed out, getting a snort from the gap-toothed William Pollack aboard the longboat. Pollack was Landis’s man and lived aboard the Aurelia to keep her safe.

“That, too,” said the black-haired man, smiling. “She will do if the price is agreeable.”

“Count yourself touched by luck. You can have her at a bargain,” Hyatt hastened to say. “No local buyer will have the Aurelia.” He noted the reaction to his words and hastened to explain himself. “Not that she isn’t as seaworthy as you’ve noted. It has nothing to do with the ship. The former owner —”

“The present owner is here,” Ria said sternly. “And if the Aurelia is sold it will be at a fair price for her worth.”

The solicitor had the shifty, uncomfortable look of a man up to no good. Ria felt her anger rise as she closed the distance between them. What right did Hyatt have to tell of her family’s disgrace, as she was sure he had been about to? And after all her father had done for the man. The nerve of him! If Marcus Kingsley did not garner the solicitor’s respect, he at least deserved his silence.

“Why, Ria! And Celeste. I did not expect …” Hyatt, flustered, red-faced, pulled a linen square from his coat pocket and mopped his damp brow. But he recovered quickly, easily slipping into the role of proper gentleman. “What a pleasure to see you,” he said smoothly. “I was just telling Captain Bellamy about the Aurelia and how anxious you are to sell.”

Chane Bellamy had spun on his heels and met the furious glare of eyes the color of a storm-churned north sea. If not for those striking eyes, the girl’s face might have been almost plain; her lips were drawn tight and there was a high color in her cheeks. And her hair was red, a mass of unbridled flame about her head. She wore a pigeon gray gown with an ecru lace collar that must have been handed down through several generations. The somber look of her costume was entirely wrong, too puritan for the stunning hair and eyes. Should he wonder at her station in life, the gown told him plenty: it had a tired, overworn look, the satin piping on the sleeves and the hem of it frayed beyond mending.

The same was true of the other girl’s faded saffron gown. His eyes lingered on her, longer than was courteous. No misuse of color or ill choice of style could dull her beauty or hide the bounty of her curves. Her hair was an exquisite mass of blond curls that framed a perfect china-doll oval face, which was shyly downcast. Her eyes, the brief second he’d seen them beneath the golden lashes, were a soft glowing brown, like big amber gems catching the sunlight. Her skin, fairer than her irate companion’s, was the palest alabaster and looked as if it would be softer than a whisper to the touch.

Any other time he would have been raring to practice his seductive skills on either of the two. But not now. Trouble over a woman had helped put him in his present difficult spot. At the moment, he did not feel kindly disposed toward any one of the fair sex.

From nearby, Chane Bellamy heard his friend, Axel Gresham, gulp a breath and knew that he, too, had been struck by the quiet girl’s extraordinary beauty.

“You did not tell me anyone was interested in the Aurelia,” Ria addressed Hyatt curtly. “As you should have.”

“He came to my office only this afternoon.”

“And I am very anxious to buy, Mademoiselle …”

Hyatt rudely overlooked the introductions. “Of course, I planned to notify you immediately after Captain Bellamy had a look at the Aurelia,” the solicitor responded with a smile, though he clearly did not like the implication that he had acted beyond his authority. “As it’s turned out you’ve saved me a trip to Palmira.”

Ria doubted he was glad of it, since he visited as often as he could find an excuse. Soon he wouldn’t need one. He’d asked her stepmother, Opal, to wed him and as Palmira belonged to Opal, Hyatt would shortly be living in the house with the three of them.

“So I have,” Ria responded. The thought propelled her into a high temper, which took her beyond careful consideration of what she said next. “But perhaps you have wasted the captain’s time,” she said, resting her hands on her hips, thereby sending her silk reticule swinging like a pendulum from one wrist. “I have decided the Aurelia is not for sale.”

“Ria!” Hyatt sputtered, his eyes going first to her face and then suspiciously to the scrolled paper protruding from the reticule she’d hastily concealed in the fullness of her skirts. “What alternative is there but to haul her out to sea and let her rot?” he demanded. “Or would you rather leave her to the mercy of your father’s enemies?” Mottled color spread on the skin above his collar. “My generosity is at an end, I warn you. I will not carry the expense of a useless ship and take on two grown women who are too stubborn for their own good.”

Chane Bellamy listened carefully to the exchange and watched intently the emotions that flared in the girl’s green eyes. There was more afoot here than a disagreement over the sale of a ship. Whatever that difference was did not concern him; the Aurelia did. His vessel, the Trinity, had caught fire and burned a week past. He’d lost none of his crew and the cargo had been offloaded the day before. But without the Trinity he had no way to complete the mission he had set for himself. He needed a replacement vessel, and fast. The Aurelia was it and he meant to have her.

“Mr. Landis,” Chane said, his voice glazed with the accent of his native French tongue. “If you would allow me to talk to the Aurelia’s owner alone, it is possible we could come to an agreement.”

He had a quiet arrogance about him. Ria heard it in the deep resonance of his voice, saw it hidden in the intense blue eyes, shadowed again in the tilt of the strong square chin. He was accustomed to having his way. And he was assessing her, giving her a critical look now that he had torn his eyes from Celeste. She felt him searching out her weaknesses as one might look for cracks in the foundation of a building … to find a place where one might begin to tear it down. She tried to picture herself as he saw her, a silly, penniless girl defying her elders. Pitiable.

Bellamy. Captain Bellamy. So, this was the man she’d heard so much about. On the church grounds following Sunday service, Elizabeth Carter had been telling her friends how many dances she’d shared with a handsome sea captain at a recent ball. “Sky blue eyes, hair black as a raven’s wing, light on his feet as a gypsy dancer,” Elizabeth had described him. Ria remembered, too, the quick disdainful turn of a shoulder and raised chin when Elizabeth had seen her approaching; the snooty girl and her friends had then walked off without so much as a word to Ria.

Hidden in the folds of her skirts, her hands were clenched into tight, aching fists. This Captain Bellamy who was so light on his feet was looking at her as if he could control her as easily as he could ask her to dance.

Her anger flared again, and Ria vowed silently, as she felt his eyes upon her, that this time Captain Bellamy would not get his way.


I hope you enjoyed this preview of Aurelia. Look for the book at your favorite online retailer soon!

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Set Sail for Romance with Aurelia

My next release, Aurelia, a Sea Swept romance, is coming soon from Trove Books.

Aurelia is a swashbuckling historical adventure of Ria Kingsley, a young woman who enlists the aid of dashing sea captain Chane Bellamy to help her find her grandfather’s pirate treasure. Surrounded by treachery and danger, and mistrustful of each other’s motives, can Ria and Chane unearth the hidden treasure and also unlock their own hidden desires?

I will share more details soon. For now, here is a peek at the cover, designed by Kimberly Killion of The Killion Group, Inc.

Aurelia by Andrea Parnell

Look for Aurelia at your favorite ebook retailer soon.

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Happenings 2016

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2016 is a big year for me at Trove Books. We’ll be bringing out five new eBooks in the coming months, three historicals and two twentieth century period novels.

I can reveal the titles, but descriptions are still hush-hush. The order of release may not follow my list, but here are the titles:

  1. Aurelia
  2. Celeste
  3. Guns And Garters
  4. The Silver Swan
  5. Small Town Secrets

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Glory Warren, A Woman Ahead Of Her Time

In A Time When Being Different Is A Deadly Sin.


AndreaParnell_WildGlory_200pxWILD GLORY
Glory Warren’s eyes fell on the group approaching the village and she knew a moment of hope. One among them wore a lush black beard and was assuredly not an Indian.

“You there,” she cried to the man who towered a head above the savages. Heaving for breath, she raised her hands to show the bonds. “Tell them to set me free.”

“And why should I do that?” The trapper, garbed as the savages in fringed buckskins, though devoid of feathers, parted a path through those clustered around the girl. She was a sight to behold—chin held high, arms uplifted, a woman-child who faced the Indians with bold impudence rather than trembling and cowering before them.

Her beauty stole his breath and for a time he stood and stared, recalling the long space of time since he had seen or held a woman of his own kind. Aware he might have this one if he so chose, he allowed his senses to play out what he might do with so lovely a female. A stab of regret pained him, a pointed reminder that he was not totally uncivilized, decidedly not enough to bend an unwilling woman to his will.

The trace of a smile on his lips mocked the adjustment of his thoughts. The girl bore his lengthy perusal with surprising patience or else needed time to consider a reply to his crusty remark. Still uncertain of what was best done with her, he made no haste to pull his eyes away. She was worthy of a long look.

Ebony hair as dark as any savage’s hung to her waist in loose, luxuriant braids. The cords that had held the ends secure had been lost. Here and there a strand had worked free and lay in a damp abandon of curls against her neck and shoulders. As he observed the twists and turns of black silk he had the urge to free the whole of it and see how the dark masses would shine in the afternoon light.

Her skin was as tempting. She was no milk white English maid who looked as if she had grown without the benefit of the sun. Some Spaniard had cut a notch in the family tree and the subtle proof of it glowed in the honey and cream color of the girl’s skin. A steady glance at the fine-boned face revealed what it was about her that had the village mesmerized. Black-lashed eyes of an oddly crystalline blue sparkled as if they emitted a mystic light of their own. He had the strange feeling, as he suspected the Indians did, that if he looked into them long enough he might be set afire.

Glory’s patience gave way as she waited for the man to come to his senses. She found her tongue. “Because you are English and because you ought to,” she snapped, angry to find the Englishman as impossible to deal with as the Indians. She had not been mistreated other than being hauled to the village and put on public view. She’d concluded she was not to be scalped or tortured and that the Indians were as alarmed at having her among them as she was to be there, but not a single one could or would speak to her in words she could understand. For an hour they had stood and stared at each other. She’d had enough of it.

Quade laughed at this second display of spunk, though he detected in the tremble felt when he caught hold of her bound hands that it might soon run out. Still chuckling, he pulled a broad-bladed knife from a leather scabbard strapped to his side. The steel blade gleamed a threat as he tested the tip with his fingers.

“I am not so English as you think and I do little I ought to.” His dark eyes met the angry heat of hers for a moment, then he turned aside to speak to Tomanick and those on his council. Receiving a nod of approval he wheeled back to the girl. “What’s in it for me if I cut you free?” he taunted.

“Cut me loose and find out,” she returned, shooting a challenging glance at the trapper.


Wild Glory is available at:

Revealing WILD GLORY


Amid the sober grays of her Puritan New England village, Glory Warren shines with a dazzling beauty that enchants the men who see her…and starts whispers that she consorts with the power of darkness.

Is she a witch… or only a woman consumed by love?

Can’t wait another minute to reveal the cover for Wild Glory, my next historical romance from Trove Books. Wild Glory is set in colonial Massachusetts at the time of the Salem witch trials.

Wild Glory by Andrea ParnellKim Killion and the folks at The Killion Group, Inc. captured the essence of the enchantress Glory Warren in this beautiful depiction, but, of course, I already know the story and you will have to decide for yourself. Do let me know what you think about the cover. I’m hoping everyone likes it as much as I do.

The release date for Wild Glory is October 15th. You can pre-order now at your favorite retailer.

Biding Her Time

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Could you sell yourself into servitude for the promise of betterment in the future?

The practice was surprisingly common in the early days of America. In Colonial times many persons coming to the colonies fit into the category of “unfree labor”. Some research indicates that as many as 75% of all immigrants who settled south of New England were indentured servants who might be voluntary or involuntary; convict servants mostly from Britain who were ‘pardoned’ and banished to the colonies; or redemptioners who became indentured to pay the cost of their passage.

Including the indentured servants, sometimes called bond servants, the colonies had three distinct types of unfree laborers. The other two categories were apprentices and slaves. Apprentices were mostly native born Americans, sometimes relatives or youngsters from nearby families working to learn a trade. The awful history of slavery is well known.

The important history of the indentured servants is less well known. Terms of service to an owner might range from 3 to perhaps 7 years. Not all were voluntary. Some were forced into the indenture. Forced indenture included those who were ‘spirited’ from Europe by trickery and other devious ways, or were convicts, those rogues and vagabonds clogging English prisons. Some 50,000 convicts are believed to have been banished to the colonies during the eighteenth century, mostly to the tobacco colonies. These represented as much as one fourth of all British immigrants. Terms or service were usually seven to fourteen years for this group. They had no rights.

Non-convict indentured servants, those who voluntarily committed to a term of service, tended to be more skilled and educated. Some few were able to buy out from the servitude or escape by marriages. More found it possible to achieve land ownership or become small planters by leasing land immediately after completing their service. A law passed in Virginia in 1705 required freed bond servants get fifty acres of land when they had served out their term. The same was true whether black-skinned or white-skinned.

The heroine in Dark Prelude and Dark Splendor chooses to become a voluntary bondservant or indentured servant with the hope that once her term of service is done, the future she secures in a new land will be a far better one that she can hope for in her present life. The terms she is offered are generous and enticing to a young woman in desperate circumstances. She hastily signs the documents thrust at her and thus begins her adventures in the American colonies.

Silvia Bradstreet expects to work and earn her freedom, not to become bait in dark and terrible scheme.

Read Silvia’s story in Dark Splendor at a special price of 99¢ for a limited time.

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