Happenings 2016

Dear Romantic Readers,

2016 is a big year for me at Trove Books. We’ll be bringing out five new eBooks in the coming months, three historicals and two twentieth century period novels.

I can reveal the titles, but descriptions are still hush-hush. The order of release may not follow my list, but here are the titles:

  1. Aurelia
  2. Celeste
  3. Guns And Garters
  4. The Silver Swan
  5. Small Town Secrets

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Like Winning?

It’s a great day to win a $5 Amazon gift card or a free ebook.

I’m giving away both during my guest post at Mandy Roth’s Nocturnal Journal Blog where I’m featuring WILD GLORY, my Historical Romance set in the Salem Witch period.

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The Suspense, Thriller, Mystery Giveaway was a rollicking success. Thanks to everyone who came to our party and joined in the fun with comments and clicks. Hope you met some new authors who interest you and learned about a book to add to your shopping list.

Prizes are flying off to winners today.

My personal winners are:

Kimberly Perry     $25 Amazon Gift Card

Jeanine Elizalde   e-copy of Whispers At Midnight

Carol Opalinski    e-copy of Whispers At Midnight

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Suspense, Thriller, Mystery Giveaway

Join the fun! Suspense, Thriller, Mystery Giveaway

We’re giving away amazing things…1:00-10:00 PM EST on Wednesday, December 10th. Nine Suspense/Thriller/Mystery writers have $120 to give away, free books and other neat gifts. Stop in to chat with us about your favorite page-turners! Let’s give great books for Christmas!

1. Rolynn Anderson $25 GC and e-book of LIE CATCHERS
2. Denise Moncrief- $10 Amazon or Barnes & Noble GC and autographed signed copy of LAUREL HEIGHTS
3. Dixie Brown- e-copy of WHATEVER IT TAKES plus a $25 GC (Amazon or Nook).
4. LaVerne Clark – print copy and an e-copy of GUARDIAN OF THE JEWEL and AFFINITY
5. James DiBenedetto- ebook set of three Dream Series books, a Dream Series t-shirt, and a signed paperback of the first book, DREAM STUDENT
6. Cait Jarrod – an e-copy of ENTANGLED LOVE and a signed copy of kidnapped hearts.
7. Beverly Bateman – I’ll give away a $25 GC and a signed copy of my print book DEATH COMES IN RED.
8. Kim McHill – $10 Amazon gift card and a kindle copy of my adventure boxed set of 3 Kim McMahill Books: MARKED IN MEXICO, DEADLY EXODUS & BIG HORN STORM
9. Andrea Parnell – $25 Amazon gift card and a free e-copy of WHISPERS AT MIDNIGHT.

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Biding Her Time

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Could you sell yourself into servitude for the promise of betterment in the future?

The practice was surprisingly common in the early days of America. In Colonial times many persons coming to the colonies fit into the category of “unfree labor”. Some research indicates that as many as 75% of all immigrants who settled south of New England were indentured servants who might be voluntary or involuntary; convict servants mostly from Britain who were ‘pardoned’ and banished to the colonies; or redemptioners who became indentured to pay the cost of their passage.

Including the indentured servants, sometimes called bond servants, the colonies had three distinct types of unfree laborers. The other two categories were apprentices and slaves. Apprentices were mostly native born Americans, sometimes relatives or youngsters from nearby families working to learn a trade. The awful history of slavery is well known.

The important history of the indentured servants is less well known. Terms of service to an owner might range from 3 to perhaps 7 years. Not all were voluntary. Some were forced into the indenture. Forced indenture included those who were ‘spirited’ from Europe by trickery and other devious ways, or were convicts, those rogues and vagabonds clogging English prisons. Some 50,000 convicts are believed to have been banished to the colonies during the eighteenth century, mostly to the tobacco colonies. These represented as much as one fourth of all British immigrants. Terms or service were usually seven to fourteen years for this group. They had no rights.

Non-convict indentured servants, those who voluntarily committed to a term of service, tended to be more skilled and educated. Some few were able to buy out from the servitude or escape by marriages. More found it possible to achieve land ownership or become small planters by leasing land immediately after completing their service. A law passed in Virginia in 1705 required freed bond servants get fifty acres of land when they had served out their term. The same was true whether black-skinned or white-skinned.

The heroine in Dark Prelude and Dark Splendor chooses to become a voluntary bondservant or indentured servant with the hope that once her term of service is done, the future she secures in a new land will be a far better one that she can hope for in her present life. The terms she is offered are generous and enticing to a young woman in desperate circumstances. She hastily signs the documents thrust at her and thus begins her adventures in the American colonies.

Silvia Bradstreet expects to work and earn her freedom, not to become bait in dark and terrible scheme.

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Ten Quick Tips For Writers

I appreciate and adore all readers. I also know writers are voracious readers and many of you who visit my site are writers as well as readers. Occasionally I like to include a post especially for you.

Even if you are a long time writer it is good to run a checklist on yourself and your work periodically.  The following ten tips are just a few quick reminders to sharpen up your work or get it moving again if you get stuck.

Ten quick Tips For Writers by Andrea Parnell

  1. Open with a situation that creates a mystery factor.
  2. Plant hints throughout that something new is about to happen.
  3. Give your character a time limit.
  4. Give the villain a few redeeming characteristics.
  5. Check your manuscript for problem words. Suddenly, there, it was, others you tend to overuse.
  6. Use Colorful verbs to add life to your work.  She breezed through the room. vs She made her way through the room.
  7. End every chapter with a hook to make a page turner.
  8. Vary sentence length.
  9. Keep a bibliography or a list of websites  identifying your research sources.
  10. Pause in the middle of a sentence when you end your work for the day.

Happy Writing!




Guest Blog At Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers

My guest blog, interview style, on the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Writers site proved to be a fun event. The Fuzzies welcomed me with a warm pink glow and had me feeling special all day and beyond. They have been blogging for several years and I am just rounding the learning curve. I loved seeing what they have been doing and learning who is e-pubbing as well.

They posed some interesting interview questions. I’ll list the questions here — stop by and read my interview and meet the Pink Fuzzies for my answers.

  • What would you like our readers to know about you?
  • How did you get started writing and why?
  • Are you a reader? Who are your favorite authors?
  • What themes run through your books?
  • Who was your favorite character of all you’ve written and why?
  • What genre is your favorite to read?
  • What genre is your favorite to write?
  • Do you have a current work-in-progress and can you tell us a little about it?
  • How many books have you published through conventional publishing?
  • How did you come to the decision to indie publish your backlist?
  • How difficult were the format requirements?
  • Did you do the formatting or did someone help you to get your backlist uploaded?
  • How did you decide which indie publisher was right for your books?
  • Can you tell us a little about the process of preparing and uploading previously published books?
  • Where are your books available?
  • Which venue is most successful at this point?

Theirs is a great blog to follow and has posts for every mood and interest. A big thanks to them for hosting me and to Scarlet Pumpernickel for the invitation. I loved doing it!

Romantic Heroes And Their Loves

Writing a romance you get to fall in love with a new guy for a while.  When the book is finished and in the hands of readers, you say goodbye to your hero and move on to the next man in your life.  Breaking up is sad and difficult but in your writer’s heart you know he’ll be back and no matter how many fans and new sweethearts he has, you will always be his first love.

The heroes in my novels have been flaxen-haired, ebony-haired, had blue eyes and brown and shades of each, though I admit a weakness for the black-haired, blue-eyed heart-throb. They are generally tall and muscular, sometimes lean and fit. They have amazing prowess and are generally the sort of men who have to peel women off them.

A little dark and dangerous in spirit, but good deep down and an ever ready champion of those in need. Those are the loves of my life. Bad boys, good hearts.

Roman Toller in Dark Splendor is blonde and bold and forgets he is supposed to be a gentleman way too much.  Ryne Sullivan in Whispers at Midnight looks nothing like my predecessor love, Roman, but is equally negligent of his gentlemanly skills. Dark-haired Tabor Stanton in Delilah’s Flame has good reason to forget how to treat a lady, and he does.

Blame Lilah Damon. She deliberately forgets she is a lady of society. As Delilah she is bawdy and bad and adventurous and bent on revenge and really good at making men pay for their wrongs. Tabor doesn’t like the price and sets another.

Lilah is a redhead. I always thought it would be fun to have red hair. And it is! I’ve tried it twice as heroines in my books. Those girls have pluck!

Amanda Fairfax in Whispers at Midnight matches wits with Ryne and loses her heart just where she wants it to be found. Beauty, fierce determination that neither ghosts nor villains could break. Amanda gets her man and more.

Silvia Bradstreet, my first heroine for romantic readers, has all a damsel in distress must. She is lovely, vulnerable, curious to a fault, drawn to Roman, a man she cannot trust, and trapped on an island where there is no escape. Did I mention she has the wardrobe of a princess?

Slipping into the skin of a heroine is as heady as gazing into the blue, amber, green or gray eyes of a hero. It is love.

Fall in love again, in a past century. Roman, Ryne and Tabor will make the heart beat faster. Silvia, Amanda and Lilah will renew what you love about being a woman, or what you are looking for in one.

Watch out for villains. They are sure to show up in another post.  Like the heroes and heroines from my heart, the bad guys never behave as I expect.  Listen for the knock.


Dark PreludeMore observations about Romance covers with the arrival of the cover for the soon to be released Dark Prelude, a prequel to Dark Splendor.

Sometimes there is no clench, no romantically entwined couple at all on the cover. Sometimes elements from the story perfectly capture the mood, tone and setting of the book or story.  Add just the right title and just the right shades of color and the impact is magic.

I am taken with the cover for Dark Prelude and am reminded by its effect on me just how much covers matter.  Covers likely lead to the first click or the first reach that has a reader looking for more. In a glance there is a sense of what the story is about and a hint of the adventures between the pages.

Dark Prelude is a novella which gives a glimpse into the lives of Silvia Bradstreet and Roman Toller in the weeks before they meet.  If Dark Splendor were a movie they would be the scenes on the cutting room floor later added to the director’s cut version of the film or shown as extras on the DVD release. In the case of Dark Prelude, they are the editor’s cuts because of length constraints.

The early chapters might have taken Dark Splendor in a slightly different direction. In Dark Prelude, Roman and Silvia meet a few hours earlier and certainly with a bang. The Dark Prelude cover perfectly captures significant elements of the story I wanted to convey. The quill and ink seal someone’s fate, the sailing ship is a way to escape, intrigue hangs heavy as the fog.

Thanks again to my publisher at TroveBooks.com and Frauke Spanuth at Croco Designs for so amazingly capturing my abstract ideas for the Dark Prelude cover.