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Andrea Parnell
Andrea Parnell

I was always tying stories to places and objects so it was no surprise that should happen at a retreat on a coastal Georgia island where the ancient oaks dripped moss like secrets, the sun on the marshes captured all thought and the remnants of the early settlers tended to come alive in my mind. My book Dark Splendor formed in the mysterious atmosphere of summer days in such a place.

Dark Splendor was released as the launch title for a line of Sexy Gothics, adding a much more sensual element to the classic Gothic novel. The book earned the Romantic Times Award for Best New Gothic Author and was my first of ten novels published. I have also published short fiction, articles and have over one million copies of my books in print. My works include Gothic, Western, and other historical and contemporary romances. I have received the Maggie, Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards and other awards for my novels.

I taught creative writing classes for many years through a local community college, am a member of Novelists, Inc. (NINC) and past president of the Georgia Authors Network. I am fond of cats, travel, overgrown gardens, and old houses with lots of crooks, crannies, and interesting shadows and just generally puttering around and ruminating.

I have been focused on another career for quite some time but am delighted to return to my lasting love of writing and to get my books out in digital format. Dark Splendor and Whispers at Midnight, another Sexy Gothic, are now available as ebooks, along with my Western romance Delilah’s Flame. I am now puttering less and am fast at work on new books. I made a recent nostalgic trip to that place on the coast and think the descendants of the characters in Dark Splendor might have a story to tell.

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  • Andrea,
    Thanks so much for giving me a free copy of Dark Prelude as a result of my following you on Twitter. I wasn’t able to send you a message of thanks via Twitter because you weren’t following me, so I chose your website instead.

    • Thank you, Janis. Sometimes when I follow from my phone it doesn’t process. I’m glad you let me know and think I have that rectified and am following. Best of luck with your writing projects.

  • I would like a chance to speak with you, author to author. If this is possible, send me an email. Thank you for your twitter posts and following me. Look forward to hearing from you…

  • Hi Ms Parnell. U don’t know me but we’ve many years ago in Rockdale county where you taught a creative writing course in 1997 Romance isn’t my genre so much as horror is, but your teachings and writing style have stayed with me over the years. I wanted to thank you. I’m still writing.

    • Stanley, I’m delighted to hear from you. Please let me know where your writing has taken you. I enjoyed doing those classes and really miss being involved with so many enthusiastic writers. Getting an update from any of them is a real treat and it would be nice to know what you are writing now. Thanks for tracking me down.

  • Andrea! How are you? It has been forever. I just happened to run up on your backlist! A couple members of our group blog have published in e-book and one even self-published. Would you like to drop by and guest blog to plug your backlist? We’d love to have you.

    Melba M. from GRW years and years ago!

    • Hi Melba. Absolutely love to. I am so glad you happened upon my site and delighted to hear from you. I’m just in from vacation and have been off line for a few days. Maybe we can work out the details next week. Thanks so much. I look forward to getting back in touch with writing friends.

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