Whispers at Midnight

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If only his kiss had been hard, brief and demanding, but it was not. It was gentle and probing, possessing, and took her breath away…

Amanda Fairfax met Ryne Sullivan when she came to take possession of the colonial Virginia plantation that was her legacy. She could see resentment burning in his dark blue eyes, yet once in his arms she could feel how fiercely he hungered for her, and how little she could resist his desires or her own. In a place where terror ruled the night and mystery cloaked each move, Amanda could not fully trust her lover or her love, for she sensed every moment of ecstasy might be her last.

“The perfect blend of anticipation and apprehension…seductive tale by a superb writer of romantic suspense.”
–Romantic Times

“This author takes romance, mystery and intrigue and weaves them into a good story.”

Cover design:Frauke Spanuth, Croco Designs

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