Dark Splendor

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Dark Splendor

Lovely young Silvia Bradstreet comes from London to an isolated estate off the coast of colonial Georgia to be an indentured servant. But a far different fate awaits her. Clothed in finery and pampered like a queen, she finds herself a pawn in the devious schemes of Wilhelm Schlange, master of Serpent Tree Hall, as he manipulates the family members who hope to inherit his vast fortune. Haunted by ghostly dreams and threatened by the island’s deadly secrets, Silvia cannot trust her own senses, much less anyone around her. Most of all, she dare not trust her growing passion for Schlange’s nephew, handsome sea captain Roman Toller. His lips move like a hot flame over her flesh and draw the very breath from her body. Can Roman offer Silvia an escape from her dark fate–or is he leading her closer to destruction?

“An excellent gothic romance.”
–Publishers Weekly

“If you appreciate a great story and the true beauty of words that are put together the way they should be, you will love Dark Splendor.”

“The grand Gothic Romance could never be better represented than in Dark Splendor. Andrea Parnell deserves our applause. Take a bow, Andrea, for great writing.”
–Affaire de Coeur

“…a tantalizing blend of suspense and sensuality, with all the thrills and chills that lovers of the Gothic enjoy.”
–Romantic Times Rave Reviews

Cover design:Frauke Spanuth, Croco Designs


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    • Nikki,
      Thanks for the purchase. Yes, Amazon is cool. Definitely my major shopping destination. Hope you enjoy the book. Looking forward to our next get together. So much to catch up!

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