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The Muse Went Missing

For quite a long time, fairy tale length, in fact, my muse slumbered.

Pages and pages of thanks to Dan McGirt at Trove Books for pushing, prodding and patiently persuading me to get with it and get my backlist of books out in digital format.  A few months later my first two novels, Dark Splendor and Whispers at Midnight, Sexy Gothics, first published in the late eighties are available as ebooks with brand new beautiful covers.  They debuted at and in a few weeks will be widely available at Amazon and other ebook retailers.

The bonus is that I now have characters, plots and storylines kicking around in my head and I am now as excited about writing as I was when I started my first novel.  My muse is wide awake again.  She nodded off because she did not want to deal with me.  We have a new bargain.  I write.  She keeps the ideas coming.

Pages of thanks, also, to J.A. Konrath, a man I have never e-met or otherwise but whose blog I read.  Thanks to Mr. Konrath for throwing wide the doors on epublishing and showing so vividly the procedures and possibilities.  His frankness and openness made it all so clear.  I got it!  He’s done a lasting service to aspiring, successful and even floundering writers everywhere.

A special note: Dan McGirt is my son, favorite author, and now publisher.  Trove Books takes care of so many details and leaves me the fun part of creating and writing.  Dan’s Jason Cosmo fantasy series is available in both the original (Jason Cosmo, Royal Chaos and Dirty Work) and revised versions, (starting over with Hero Wanted).  Visit or to see all of Dan’s works.

Hello world!

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You can now read Andrea’s books Dark Splendor and Whispers at Midnight as multi-format ebooks available from Smashwords. Compatible with your Kindle, Nook, iPad, Blackberry, Kobo or other ebook reading device.

These titles will soon be available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the Apple iBook store and other online retailers.