Ten Quick Tips For Writers

I appreciate and adore all readers. I also know writers are voracious readers and many of you who visit my site are writers as well as readers. Occasionally I like to include a post especially for you.

Even if you are a long time writer it is good to run a checklist on yourself and your work periodically.  The following ten tips are just a few quick reminders to sharpen up your work or get it moving again if you get stuck.

Ten quick Tips For Writers by Andrea Parnell

  1. Open with a situation that creates a mystery factor.
  2. Plant hints throughout that something new is about to happen.
  3. Give your character a time limit.
  4. Give the villain a few redeeming characteristics.
  5. Check your manuscript for problem words. Suddenly, there, it was, others you tend to overuse.
  6. Use Colorful verbs to add life to your work.  She breezed through the room. vs She made her way through the room.
  7. End every chapter with a hook to make a page turner.
  8. Vary sentence length.
  9. Keep a bibliography or a list of websites  identifying your research sources.
  10. Pause in the middle of a sentence when you end your work for the day.

Happy Writing!